The B2BChange.com podcast is the culmination of a decade’s work in front of a microphone.  We know how to tell stories, enable our guests to shine, build a loyal following and create value for our sponsors.


We want you as our exclusive sponsor for the weekly B2BCHANGE podcast.

It is our belief that having too many sponsors dilutes everyone’s message, and having one partner allows us to focus our audience’s attention on your value over time.
With that we have created a sponsorship package that puts you in front of the right audience, in the right way and piques their curiosity so that they want to find out more about you.
Who is our ideal sponsor?
Our ideal sponsor is a company that wants to tell their story and build their brand value with large to enterprise-level B2B companies.  They have a solution that enables organizations to change, communicate or present themselves more effectively and are looking for ways to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace.
Who is our audience?
Mid-senior level leaders within mid-enterprise level organizations within the business-to-business world.  
This is who we will have as guests, join our masterminds, and target through social media and our newsletter.
We will not be putting your ads in front of them, but rather tell your story.
We aim to create thirteen different three to five-minute vignettes, where half the story is told at the ten-minute mark, and the balance is told at the twenty-minute mark.  These vignettes are designed to talk about a specific problem and how you solved it.  They will be rotated through episodes throughout the year.

That puts your message in front of your target audience FIFTY-TWO times per year.

We will also have you on the show twice yearly to talk in detail about specific case studies and how you solved them effectively.
Then, we will allow you to invite up to ten guests per year onto the show who are either current customers or prospects.  We will interview them about the changes in their companies and about successes and challenges, providing you with insights and areas to go back to them with for further conversation and opportunities.
Lastly, we will provide you with one live keynote or half-day workshop during the year for your staff or customers talking about navigating change in a changing world.
We are looking for a sponsor who will commit to at least one year, but wants to form a partnership that could last for years.
Sponsorship is $35000 downpayment and $5000 US per month ($90 000 per year) with a 5% discount if paid in advance.
If you believe you are the right fit for our show and want to elevate your brand in new and exciting ways in front of your target audience, CLICK HERE AND LET’S TALK!

What our clients say

Ben Baker is a true professional. Not only is he an expert podcast host, but he is also a kind, genuine, knowledgeable, and gracious individual. Those of us who have had the privilege to interact with him are far better off for having had the experience. Ben truly listens and genuinely connects. What a pleasure it is to know and work with Ben.
Ben, I have to tell you that this was one of the best podcast experiences that I have had to date. No offense to the others, of course. You had creative questions that I have not been asked before and your engagement made for a really unique experience. Thanks very much for a refreshing change!
I've been a guest on Ben's podcast now twice, and both times it was an exceptionally excellent experience! (I know: "exceptionally excellent" is redundant ... but appropriate here!) Not only in the flow and content of the actual interview, but also in the finesse, sophistication, and thoroughness of the promotional assets his team prepared and supplied us with afterward, and in the generous correspondence we've maintained since. Ben is the pro's pro; you won't find better.
Our conversations have been nothing short of eye opening, as he's consistently uncovering a multitude of opportunities for growth & expansion. Ben's keen insights and unique perspectives have always left me more knowledgeable, motivated, and often amazed by his creative ability to uncover the bigger picture. Recently, I had the honor of being a guest on his podcast. The way in which he posed his questions, encouraged me to dig deeper when sharing my story. Truly enjoyed our discussion, and spending time with a friend who's always in my corner. His list of accomplishments continue to mount, and he's rather selective about who he'll work with. Those fortunate to do so will quickly know why! I believe in the near future, we'll be working together on exciting brand projects.
I recently had the pleasure of being invited to Ben Baker’s Your LIVING Brand Radio show, and would like to share about my experience. Ben is an amazing host with supreme interpersonal and communication skills who authentically cares about his show guests and all the listeners. He takes a sincere interest in the subject matter being discussed and facilitates a lively and meaningful conversation by asking thought-provoking questions, exercising active listening and offering timely follow-up. With his warm disposition and master storytelling, Ben creates a friendly and open atmosphere on his show, which in its turn delivers a lot of value to all listeners of Your LIVING Brand Radio show.
I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ben for his YourLIVINGBrand Radio Show. Ben's interview style really stood out to me from many other shows I've been a guest on. Ben's questions were insightful, deep, and thought-provoking which made for a fun an interesting interview. It was clear that he did his due diligence on my work and was prepared to dive deep. Based on my experience with him, I'm confident in his role as an expert workshop facilitator given the importance of understanding the client and asking really good question to get to the root of the issues and needs. I definitely recommend Ben both as host to be interviewed by as well as a workshop facilitator.

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