B2B Change
Insider's Group

What if you could join a small cadre, over a year, and learn together how to implement change effectively?
What would that be worth to you and your organization?

Over a one-year period we will help you gain valuable skills and test them in real-world situations.

We believe that change does not come fast or easily and that lessons need to be learned, tested in the field, augmented and then retested if fundamental change is going to occur.

We also realize that each group will have individual change needs and learning out of a box does not serve anyone well.

With that, we will survey our group members and aggregate the data in a way that remains anonymous, enabling us to understand your individual change management issues that they are dealing with, budgets, future initiatives, and stumbling blocks. 

This anonymous data will then be used to structure the sessions so that the group is working on the real problems that they have and within the budget, people, and process constraints that they have to work with.

Our goal is to be able to bring subject matter experts and insights to you to allow you to build the toolkit you desire to succeed in an ever-changing environment.



This is hands-on learning and collaboration

Through face-to-face live learning, virtual classrooms and a weekly discussion board, you and your peers will learn from each other, industry experts, and gain out of industry perspectives.

Why this works is that all participants agree that what happens inside this group, stays within the group.  Information is kept in the strictest of confidence.  This is the only way to build the trust necessary to allow real learning, sharing, and insights to exist.

Live Learning

Over a one-year program, you will meet your cadre live four separate times, limited to a maximum of 60 participants.

In each session, you will have four keynote addresses, time to meet in groups of 5-6 to discuss what was learned and how to apply it to your daily reality and then we will come together and talk about what we learned in the small groups.

The goal is practical knowledge and usable tools that you can take back with you and apply immediately test and then discuss within the private discussion group.

Virtual Learning

Over the two years, we will also meet four more times, for a day per session, virtually, to cut down on travel costs, but still enable you to learn from experts and each other.

The platform that we use allows us to break into small groups easily, listen to keynotes and panels as a group and then come back together to discuss as a larger group.

Weekly Discourse

Every single week, you will be part of a discussion forum of micro learnings and then have the ability to share your thoughts or learn from the wisdom of the group.

At the same time, you can pose questions based upon real-life situations and gain insights from the collective.


If you need someone who does it all, choose Ben Baker! From creating, to implementing and presenting, working with Ben was such a pleasant experience. He was professional, knowledgeable and prompt. Ben was able to bring our vision to life for a different, yet personable, engaging and insightful webinar for our membership. We immediately received great feedback on his presentation and know now why he is so highly sought after. Thanks again Ben for everything!
Ben Baker is an expert in branding, messaging and marketing, and is an incredible example of a business connector. He gets behind projects that matter, provides professional and expert advise on project management, marketing and branding, and his innovative thinking can help move projects forward. Thank you Ben for being an incredible champion and connector on the projects I am involved in, Charmaine