The Frontline Change Group

Are you being tasked with implementing change but don’t feel you have the SUPPORT to succeed?
This program is for you or your next generation of leaders to enable them to become effective partners in change.
This program will launch Q2 or Q3 2023.

If frontline leaders are not involved, and do not understand how purpose, process and people work together to enable change to happen, success is unlikely.

Helping to enable success

This is a year-long program designed for front-level leaders to gain the critical skills they need, to help drive the change they will be asked to support.

Think of this as Change Management 101.

This program is not as intensive, in terms of cost, time and depth of knowledge as the Insider’s Group.

This is the toolset frontline leaders need to be able to support change at their level.

Virtual Learning

Four times per year, this group will meet virtually on our platform for a day to listen to keynotes and panels and then break into small discussion groups of 5-6 to talk about how these ideas can be translated into tools that they can use daily.

We will also bring them back together to learn as a larger group and send them back with practical tips of how they can become more effective agents of change.

Weekly Discourse

Weekly, this group will be given micro learnings within a digital platform that they can read or listen to and then will be given a question to discuss online with the group. Our goal is to keep this group to 2-300 and have it moderated so that this becomes a practical extension of what they are currently doing.


Ben is unique, a one of a kind marvel at what he does. His desire to help others is incredible. He speaks truth, doesn't soft pedal his message, and his directness brings out the best in people because of his sincerity. Ben's knowledge base of brand marketing and corporate communications is amazing. If you are looking for depth of knowledge and relevant insights around branding and communications, you have to check Ben out.