We want to help you create aspirational changes within your organization.


#1 Have you been tasked with implementing change in your organization?

#2 How would being able to solve those challenges enable you to succeed where you are not able to today?

Imagine being the person that your company relies upon to implement change successfully . . .

This is how we help...

B2B Change is about giving you the skills, tools, and knowledge to allow you to develop, drive and implement change successfully where others have failed.

Does this sound interesting to you?

Effective change comes over time.

It is the combination of strategy, process, procedure and PEOPLE!

The challenge is that most companies forget that without bringing people through the change, they will be afraid of change and block change wherever and however they can.

Our goal is to enable you to bring people through the change successfully, make them advocates for change and partners in making it happen.

Does this peak your interest?

What we do

Introducing the tools you can use to manage and lead change effectively. No consultants required!

B2B Change Frontline Change Group

Change happens because all levels of the organization understand why change must happen, the consequences if it doesn't and what the benefits of changing are on a personal, team and organizational level.

Having your front line leaders gain the skills to communicate change effectively is essential if you want them to drive that change.

The B2B Change Frontline Change Group is designed for the next generation of leaders to learn in an online forum how to lead change at their level and enable the entire process to succeed because of it.

Consider this Change Management 101.

COMING Q2 /Q3 2023

B2B Change Insider's Group

The B2B Change Insider's Group is designed for mid-senior level leaders who want to be more effective at creating long-term effective and sustainable changes within their groups and organizations.

Change takes time and protracted effort and with that, we have designed a program designed around a small group of peers who want to learn practical ways to succeed where others have failed.

B2B Change Podcast

Change comes in all shapes and sizes and on the B2B Change podcast and we want to talk about it all.

What has gone right, what has not and what have we learned from all of it.

Weekly, your host, Ben Baker, will talk with people inside the industry and experts focused on enterprise, to find out what people know now that they did not know then.

Now is the time for innovation

Industry is ready to create "what's next" and they are relying on the leaders in the industry to do this . . .
and that is YOU!

Now is the time to join a small cadre of like-minded professionals to learn how to create change successfully and be one of the people the industry relies upon for years to come.

This is not a video only online course that teaches you nothing in the end, It is about learning from experts and each other, over time so that lessons learned can be tried and tested in real life scenarios.